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Here are 10 Top Trends to-go-for in the food industry.


10 Trends to-go-for

Source: Innova 


  1. CLEAN SUPREME: Total transparency in labeling

  2. DISRUPTIVE GREEN: Plant-based focus

  3. SWEETER BALANCE: Reducing sugar for health but maintaining flavor

  4. KITCHEN SYMPHONY: Authentic ethnic flavors

  5. BODY IN TUNE: Personalized nutrition and eating for health

  6. PLAIN SOPHISTICATION: Back to basics and a focus on simple, traditional, and/or historical

  7. ENCAPSULATING MOMENTS: Targeting products for specific moments or feelings

  8. BEYOND PESTER POWER: Catering to the future foodies

  9. FUZZY BORDERS: Food category crossovers and mashups

  10. SEEDS OF CHANGE: Chia, hemp and other seeds are getting attention

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10 Trends to go for


(source: INNOVA database, July 2017)


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